Pertains to the purchase of used parts

1. We grant a 10-day warranty counting from the receipt of ordered goods, unless the warranty terms and conditions have been otherwise agreed with the customer.
2. If there is a problem with any products purchased from us, we will replace them. If we can't replace the product (e.g. it's not in stock anymore), it is possible to return it.
3. In certain cases we shall be entitled to request a complaint form to be completed in writing.
4. We shall not incur the costs of transport and installation of the returned goods, unless the problem has been undoubtedly caused by our negligence.
5. The goods returned by mail shall be sent as a standard (not Cash on Delivery) parcel.
6. The returned/replaced goods shall be in the same condition as they have been purchased (without any additional damage/structural changes caused by the buyer and without any interference to their construction and quality).
7. The goods shall be subject to reservation only upon a prior advance payment. The duration of the reservation shall be individually agreed upon with the customer.
8. All goods are marked. Removal of marking or seals shall result in the immediate loss of the warranty.

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